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I had a problem.
I was absolutely addicted to women. All kinds, but especially Japanese women. I was living in Tokyo, surrounded by the most beautiful women I'd ever seen, yet was totally oblivious as to how to bridge the gap between them and me. 

Pickup was never obvious to me. In fact, it was extremely difficult at first. I made MASSIVE mistakes. Worse still, everything I read and watched about game wasn't related to Japan at all - it was created for a totally different cultural landscape and didn't relate at all to what I was experiencing in Japan. 

On top of that, some advice actively MESSED ME UP. When I tried to "neg" girls or "kino escalate," it blew up my interactions and practically ensured I wouldn't hook up with the girl. 

Something had to change. Luckily I found a game master, Dorian Gray, who had trained with a rugged bunch of spiky-haired nanpa badasses in Hiroshima by chatting up hostesses and pulling them rapidly into hotel rooms. At the time, he was absolutely dominating the streets of Tokyo with cold approaches and same-day lays. 

He simply could not be stopped, and everybody in the community was baffled at his extreme tactics based not on absurd peacocking or awkward NLP ladders but on direct cultural praxis and Japan-focused hyper-effective nanpa learned straight from the guys who were best at it - Japanese game gurus. 

Yes, this was a different breed of gamer. One who wasn't jamming a square peg into a round hole. He was a fish in water in Japan, and everything he taught was directly applicable to the issues I was experiencing. I learned everything I could from him, and spent years honing the craft after he gave me the tools to apply. 

I exploded onto the scene, spending hours and hours talking to and hooking up with the most beautiful women of my life in clubs, bars, cafes, trains, stations, malls, and pretty much anywhere they were. 

I've had experiences which would blow my highschool aged mind: girls paying for helicopter ride tours of Tokyo with me, buying me brand accessories, fine multi-course meals, and even full vacations, raging sex parties with women I'd met just hours or minutes prior, and of course a steady stream of hot, young Japanese women in and out of my door whenever I wanted. Sex with any type of woman I desired was always no more than a phone call away, and I walked down the street with the swagger of knowing the next girl I talked to had a  good chance of being the next girl waking up next to me.

Eventually, Dorian Gray and I started working together to teach guys on 3-day bootcamps the practical aspects of cold approach. I started my website, and later, the corresponding Youtube channel, the Playbook forums, my video course Social Metamorphosis, and all the other resources I've created to help guys just like me leap through their insecurities into a life of abundance with beautiful women.

Dorian and I knew it was time to write all this knowledge down for the future generations of guys coming to Japan and desiring the same thing we did - hooking up with a steady stream of stunning young women. We toiled for over TWO YEARS, crafting the game book which would codify our entire GAME KNOWLEDGE into one epic resource which would forever alter the landscape of game in Japan. 

For years, foreigners have been running around like chickens with their heads chopped off, totally unaware of how to best relate to these exotic and absolutely stunning Japanese girls. 
That All Changes Today.

After over 2 years in the making, we are FINALLY releasing the EPIC TOME of Japan Game.  We've distilled the most powerful ナンパ (pickup) advice specifically for foreigners interested in Japanese girls EVER released to the public. 

No, this is not some woo-woo bullshit that will crystal-heal your chakras into alignment for sexual power.

No, this book is not developed based on outdated techniques designed by guys with fuzzy hats with corny magic tricks.

No, this book does not talk about mackin' hoez in Kigali, Rwanda or chatting up air hostesses in Bogota, Colombia.

No, this will not teach you to hypnotize women to do things against their will.

No, this book will not make your penis larger (well. It probably won't)

So if you're looking for any of those things it's probably best we part ways here. 

BUT if you're looking for a powerful resource which:
-Is created exclusively with Japanese girls in mind 

-Builds on over 15 years of direct, hardcore pickup experience on the streets & clubs of Japan learned directly from the most successful nanpa masters & distilled and applied directly for use by foreigners

-Guides you through the entire process, from open to close, start to finish

-Lays a complete roadmap for leading successful dates which end how you want

-Breaks down success in any situation, from street, club, bar, and more

-Offers specific, actionable advice to get more responses from women over text

-Ensures your mental abundance and ability to brush off rejection

-Helps you define and achieve your personal goals with game

-Cuts down your learning curve for Japanese girls, saving you valuable time

-Explains why so many foreigners fail with Japanese girls

-Situates you to build the sexual and romantic life of your dreams - whether that's a single loving girlfriend or an entire harem of women you can call up for sexual escapades at any time of the day
Then this is the book for you!
After years of our blood, sweat, and tears... 

It's FINALLY here to save yours.
Japan Game: The Book
This book is the single most comprehensive book on meeting, attracting, and hooking up with girls in Japan EVER CREATED. We've spent over 2 years meticulously writing down all of our epic knowledge and advice designed specifically to save you the painful mistakes we had to make hundreds of times. 

With this book, for less than the price of a night out in Tokyo, you'll gain the cultural understanding you need to DOMINATE the dating market for life in Japan. Over 100,000 words and divided into 10 helpful sections along with a useful glossary of terms and notes section, this book contains:
  • In-depth Japan-specific Cultural Knowledge
  • Complete Open to Close approach model
  • Texting Japanese girls demystified - get more replies!
  • Slice deep with knowledge that pierces to her core & excites her genitalia! 
  • Hack your mind for maximum efficiency and success
  • Unlock your inner badass DAD that makes her panties wet
  • Club Game broken down so simple a KID could pull it off
  • Why Street & Day game is the BEST and how to do it effectively
  • How to screen women effectively to attract the ones who are best for you
  • How to successfully work with a wingman
  • Powerful exercises designed to solve specific sticking points and supercharge your approach
  • Clear & helpful notes and summaries which break down concepts into easy-to-understand nuggets
Japan Game: The Book available now
Note: due to Japanese printing regulations, book is currently ebook only
Purchase of this product does not guarantee success with women, it is designed as a summary of the author's personal experiences and expertise specifically gained in Japan with Japanese women and is presented "as is". While the authors have compiled their significant experience in the form they best think will lead to success, personal results require individual effort and application and may vary.